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Cycling Inspiration for the New Year
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Biria prides itself on being innovative, consumer focused, quality oriented and first to market with stylish bicycles that are fun to own. Check out just a few of our faves below and stop in to see them for yourself!

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Biria Easy Boarding Bikes
Top Ten Worst Cycling Advice

Don't listen to everyone

Fellow cyclists love to give advice almost as much as fellow cyclists love cycling. However, this advice is not always trustworthy or helpful. We've assembled the top ten worst cycling advice we've received to help you avoid the worst of the worst. If you hear any of the following, run away faster than you would from four storm troopers balanced on a bike.

Indoor Cycling Programs for a Fit New Year

Indoor Cycling Programs for a Fit New Year

Now more than ever our fitness has moved into our homes. With the weather shifting, more people than ever are turning to indoor trainers to keep their fitness level high throughout the winter months. And for good reason! Today’s indoor cycling experience is interactive, immersive, and honestly enjoyable. If you're looking to up your fitness in the New Year, an indoor cycling program could be just the ticket to help you not only reach, but crush your fitness goals. Read on about some of the most popular trainer apps available.

Southwest Florida's Best Rental Bikes!

On vacation? Want to try a different style of bike before you buy? Our rental fleet is the largest and most diverse in Southwest Florida! From basic beach cruisers to high end full carbon fiber road bicycles we do it all! Delivery available and reservations welcome!  Reserve online or call 239.566.0600.