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Cervélo is a world leader in road racing bicycles!Cervelo's name comes from the Italian "cervello" for brain and the French word "velo" for bike. This clever name nicely captures the incredible ingenuity that goes into every Cervelo bicycle.

Always pushing the envelopeCervelo's P5 is a wind-cheating aero rocket for triathlon and time trialing! of what's possible, Cervelo's focus on state-of-the-art materials, top-tech engineering and exceptional aerodynamics has produced some of the lightest, fastest and best-riding bikes available.

Cervelo was founded by Gerard Vroomen and Phil White, two engineers who worked together to design and build a time-trial bike for a top Italian racer. While the cutting-edge machine received excellent reviews, no company was interested in producing it. So, the duo decided to go into business for themselves and created Cervelo.

In 1996, Cervelo debuted with two road and two time-trial frames and they really began to shine in 2000 when the International Cycling Union imposed strict rules for frame shapes. Cervelo embraced the challenge creating the amazing P3, one of the fastest time-trial and tri bikes in the world at the time. This winning machine led to their remarkable P4 and today their world-beating P5 (photo).

In 2002, Cervelo began sponsoring professional road teams and while working with their top pros, expanded their road bike offerings and improved their road and time-trial models winning most of the top European events. This included almost every one-day classic and multiple wins of the grueling Paris-Roubaix road race and stages in the Tour de France.

Cervelo bicycles are ridden by the fastest cyclists in the world!Thanks to their advanced engineering, commitment to professional racing and determination to push the cycling envelope, today, Cervelo offers some of the most advanced designs available. We love the Cervelo ride.

Whether you're looking for even more fun on your local road loops, want to climb onto that race podium or are looking for a dream triathlon or time-trial bicycle, we have the right Cervelo for you.

Swing by our store and check out our excellent selection and let us show you why so many of our customers choose Cervelo.